About Us

About Us

Regalia was founded in 1965 by Daphne Brooking and has, since then, grown into a substantial manufacturer and retailer of a variety of items of apparel.

The company is a long-standing manufacturer of academic gowns and hoods; and a retailer of mortar boards and other attire. We are suppliers for a number of Australian Universities and are able to provide a wide array of academic attire – for graduates of Australian and international universities.


Marisa Dagostino, Managing Director, has worked at Regalia Craft since 1970. Her overview of the manufacturing process has enabled the business to retain its quality control during a period of rapid expansion.

Custom Graduation Sashes


We have manufactured academic wear for vice-Chancellors, pro-Chancellors and special attire as may be deemed suitable by individual establishments. A number of these gowns have required elaborate regalia, an area of specialisation for the company which had its roots in bullion embroidery.